Technical Issues

Manual Delete/Add

Manually delete the station from your receiver’s memory, then manually re-add it. Check your owner’s manual to see if this is an option for your digital TV (or for the converter box hooked into your analog TV).

Simple Rescan

If you cannot manually delete/add single channels in your system, then refer to the owner’s manual for information about how to do a simple rescan for your system.

Double Forced Rescan

Some models don’t like to learn any new information, even when asked to do so during a simple rescan. If asking your TV/box to manually re-acquire the signal or simple rescans don’t seem to improve the situation, you can try a forced double rescan, which clears the memory, making your tuner as dumb as it was the first day you unboxed it, then ingests all new info.

  1. Unhook the antenna from the digital TV or converter box.

  2. Do the first rescan. the TV/box should report it found 0 channels.

  3. Unplug the TV/box from the wall for 60-90 minutes, to be sure the box forgets everything it previously knew. some models have short-term back-up memory for power failures, so need more time to forget.

  4. Hook the antenna back into the TV/box, then plug the TV/box back into the wall.

  5. If the TV/box doesn’t start rescanning on its own, tell it to rescan for the 2nd time.